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Ginger Molasses Cookies 

It is that time of year again…it is holiday cookie time! I am pretty sure from now until December 26th, I pretty much live off of cookies. Cookies and the holidays just go hand in hand in my opinion.

This year I thought I would do something called the 12 Days of Holiday Gift Giving. I love to give homemade gifts and what better gift is there than gifts you can eat. I am kicking off these 12 Days of Holiday Gift Giving with these ginger molasses cookies. They are always a huge hit when I make them and I promise you will fall head over heals with these delicious treats when you try them.

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Brandied Cherries

I have a confession - I love those neon pink, corn syrup soaked maraschino cherries. Love them. We used to have them in our Shirley Temples growing up (remember those!!) which is where my love began. Not sure I should admit this but I may have been known to eat them straight from the little containers on a bar. Gross on a lot of levels I know.  I also have a habit of stealing them from Luke's drinks when he is not looking. Classy. So when I first discovered brandied cherries last summer - I was in heaven. Sweet cherries that have been soaked in all sorts of boozy goodness with lots of spices.

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