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Week's Eats

The highlight of this Week’s Eats was by far and away the Ribolita. This is my perfect form of healthy comfort food and perfect for these chilly days. All of these recipes can be prepped on Sunday night - mostly chopping up vegetables. I know some people don’t like to store chopped onions in their fridge but I store mine in an airtight container next to the baking soda.

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Week’s Eats

So many good recipes this week! Where do I even start? One of the highlights was the ravioli - that recipe is just so easy, tasty, and feels so sophisticated (I think it is because of that brown butter). I am also adding the Roast Chicken with Grapes and Acorn Squash to the permanent rotation. Something about that roast grape and chicken combo that makes it a total winner.

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Week Eats 10/29

As the weather turns colder here in Nashville, I am craving hearty food. One of my tried and true recipes that I always turn to it the orecchiette with sausage. I chicken sausage because I am not really into pork these days but feel free to use either It is a one pot pasta that come together really quickly and is super filling but light at the same time.

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Week's Eats 10/22

My soup obsession continues. The more weeks that I write this down, the more I realize I pretty much eat only soup and only things that can be served in bowls. It could be worse but it is still pretty funny to see now that I am documenting this.

The tacos were a highlight and I totally encourage you to try them. I love that goat cheese and roast garlic mixture and it is a great way to use up extra vegetables. Also I know it seems simple, but never doubt the amazing power of chicken noodle soup. My version is made in the instant pot and is totally delicious.

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Week's Eats: Week of 10/8

This week was all about warm comfort food since it is finally cold here in Nashville. Last week I made a double batch of the Curried Lentil, Tomato, and Coconut Soup so I had that as an easy Monday night meal. The rest of the week included some ramen (which is also a great meal to stash in the freezer, just don’t add the noodles in if you are going to freeze because noodles don’t freeze well), grain bowl and a one past pasta which is an oldie but goody.

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Week's Eats: Week of 10/1

I get asked all the time to create some sort of meal plan. I have been hesitant because I want to create something that is really helpful for you all, not just showing you recipes that you could eat if you wanted to.

Since Olivia’s arrival life has obviously gotten a little crazy but my one goal during the day is to make dinner. Mostly because cooking is where is I am happiest. So if my house is a mess and laundry needs to be done, or even if I haven’t even brushed my teeth, if I make dinner, I feel like I have accomplished something.

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