Morning Buns


I am trying to get back into running. When I lived in NY I loved running - I did a full and half one year.  But when I moved to SF 9 years ago, the hills were a total deterrent. The thought of running straight up a hill forced me to take an early retirement.   I am trying to get back into it since Oakland is a little flatter but still running a fickle little friend. Some days it feels amazing like you go could on for miles and miles. Other times it hurts every part of your body, scratch that, your soul to finish a 2 mile run.

Part of my Oakland loop takes me down College Avenue in Rockridge. Maybe I do this subconsciously but my route passes all the great food stops in this part of Oakland,  just so I have something to look at - there is Market Hall, Ramen Shop, Zachary's Pizza, Wood Tavern and most notably La Farine. La Farine is the most gorgeous little bakery filled to the brim with all sorts of deliciousness, namely morning buns. They always have a huge basket of morning buns hanging out on the counter calling my name.

Inevitably as I run jog mope by on an especially brutal run I spot the morning buns and then all goes to hell on the way home. I just want to give up, stop at La Farine and shove a morning bun in my mouth.

Since I spend so much time thinking about these morning buns (and food in general while I run) I decided to make my own buns and eat then to my hearts content....after I go for a run...or maybe before it and just say screw the run.


Let me give you a head's up about this recipe. Morning buns are a little time intensive because...wait for have to make your own laminated dough. I know, I know it sounds totally scary, like WTF is laminated dough?! Laminated dough is basically dough that is yeasted and has lots of butter folded in which creates all sorts of flaky and crispy yumminess (just think croissants). Here is a great overview on laminated dough.  But I promise you that if you give yourself enough time to make the laminated dough, you will realize that it is the most relaxing thing ever. Rolling, folding and turning the dough is almost like meditating. If meditation involved food...which is does, right?


If you are going to take the leap into this recipe (which you should!!) here is how I did and would advise you to do it. Start the night before - make the dough, do the folds, rolls, and the turns over the course of an evening preferably with a glass of vino and a Jane the Virgin marathon on in the background (OMG I am obsessed with the show) Take your time and don't rush the folds. Then wrap the dough in plastic wrap and place in the fridge overnight. The next morning roll out the dough, fill with the cinnamon, sugar and orange zest mixture (did I mention that these have orange zest in them?!!) cut, bake and eat!


Since there is a lot of sugar in this recipe, don't be alarmed if some oozes out while they are being baked. Just let the morning buns cool slightly before removing from the tin, using a offset spatula if they are sticky.


Morning Buns


  • 1 recipe for croissant dough (this is my all time favorite recipe) 
  • 1 stick butter, softened to room temperature
  • 1/2 cup white sugar
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon
  • zest of 1 orange
  • pinch of salt


Make the croissant dough according to the instruction here and chill until ready to bake. 

Pre-heat oven to 375F. Butter and sugar two muffin tins.

In a small bowl combine the butter, sugars, cinnamon, orange zest and pinch of salt. Mix well to combine.

Roll the dough into a 16 x 20 rectangle. Spread the sugar and butter mixture over the dough. Starting at the longest side, roll the dough into a long tube. Cut the tube into 1" pieces and place each piece in the prepared muffin tins. 

Refrigerate the dough in the muffin tin for at least 30 minutes, then bake for 35 to 40 minutes or until the buns are flaky and golden brown.